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Story[edit | edit source]

In signs of life, you land on a foreign planet filled with aliens familiar and unfamiliar. By finding settlements that were once populated, you uncover the story of their eventual downfall. Explore several locations and discover data-pads that contain pieces of the game's story.

The player first has to choose a suitable location to land their ship, afterwards the A.I in the player's MEG Tool will give a brief tutorial. Similar to such games as minecraft, it is suggest early on to mine for materials and build a shelter. However, if one is near one of the stations, they can stay there and use the place as their first shelter.

There aren't many hostile creatures above ground, but there are some that will do damage to the player and are numerous. A great example of a enemy that can be a problem for the player is the Crawler, which does damage to the player on contact. The night-time is very dark for the player, but can be remedied temporarily using a Campfire, MEG Tool flashlight (requires energy), Torches, etc. This will allow the player to venture out into the darkness, if necessary.