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Lenses are used to allow your MEG tool to interact with larger objects (i.e. mine the starting escape pod, those reinforced doors, etc.). So far there are three types of lenses (in addition to the Cracked Lens that is in your MEG tool when you start your adventure): the Standard Lens, the Precise Lens, and the Fabulous Lens.

Name Ingredients Tools Image
Cracked Lens

Equipped by default.

Cracked Lens.png
Standard Lens

Iron Ingot(2x)


Standard Lens.png
Precise Lens

Standard Lens(2x)


Iron Ingot(2x)

Steel Ingot(2x)

Material Printer
Precise Lens.png
Fabulous Lens

Refined Rose Quartz(1x)

Bornite Ingot(4x)

Material Printer
Fabulous Lens.png


  • The Fabulous Lens is required to dig through the Pioneer Station.