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Weapons:Spears[edit | edit source]

Name Materials Tools Stats Weight Comments Image
Copper Spear
Copper Ingot (x2)
Stick (x5)
Plant Fiber (x2)

Damage: 5-7
Attack Speed: 1

1 Lbs. "A copper spear that smells like pennies."
Copper Spear.png
Iron Spear
Iron Ingot (x2)
Stick (x5)
center (x2)

Damage: 7-9
Attack Speed: 1

1 Lbs. "Offers a distinct advantage at medium range over other melee weapons, but is rendered almost useless in close quarters."
Iron Spear.png
Bronze Spear
Bronze Ingot (x2)
Stick (x5)
Xenohide Strap (x2)

Damage: 9-11
Attack Speed: 1

1 Lbs. "A unique spear with a heavy head. Not much use in close quarters."
Bronze Spear.png
Silver Spear
Silver Ingot (x2)
Stick (x5)
Xenohide Strap (x2)

Damage: 11-13
Attack Speed: 1.25

1 Lbs. "Thrust this into the heart of vampires and werewolves so that they die."
Steel Spear
Steel Ingot (x2)
Stick (x5)
Plated Hide Strap (x2)

Damage: 13-15
Attack Speed: 1.5

1 Lbs. "A speedy spear made of the finest steel, allowing you to combat your enemies from a long range."