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Sap(x1), Sulfur(x1)
An organic polymer that can be used to make bouncy balls make me a bouncy ball.
0 lbs

Materials : Rubber[edit | edit source]

Used in production of some metal items.

Recipes :[edit | edit source]

The following items are produces with rubber:

Format is item name followed by quantity of rubber needed to production:

  • Weapons
  1. 9mm Pistol (x2)
  2. Clobb (x2)
  3. Spitter Pistol (x1)
  4. Tesla Rifle (x15)
  5. Energy Cannon (x15)
  6. Energy Shotgun (x15)
  7. Grenade Launcher (x1)
  8. Rocket Launcher (x1)
  • Ammo:
  1. Amber Flare (x1)
  2. Flare (x1)
  3. Shotgun Shells (x1)
  4. Splitter Extract (x1)
  • Tools:
  1. Screw Driver (x1)
  • Science
  1. Propellant (x1)
  • Electronics
  1. Small Battery (x2)

NOTE: Splitter Extract is needed for small battery, thus increasing its rubber cost by 1 for a total of 3 rubber per battery.

Tips :[edit | edit source]

While it is easy to produce this item with single unit of Sap and Sulfur, an easier way to obtain Rubber early game is to attach Tree Tap to a rubbery tree (the gray tree). The tap will collect up to 20 units of rubber over time, saving the sulfur for other uses.

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