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Brief description of page[edit | edit source]

This is a list of all picks currently implemented in SOL

Picks[edit | edit source]

Picks are used to mine the various blocks of the world. The most basic picks won't be able to mine harder minerals though. All picks deal some melee damage to creatures.

List of craftable picks[edit | edit source]

Picks Ingredients Tools Stats Weight In-game Description Image

Copper Ingot(3x)


None Damage: 2 - 2

Attack Speed: 1

1 Lbs.
The most basic of picks, with a very slow dig time. Not much good for anything other than digging through dirt and basalt. Can pierce some armored creatures.
Copper Pick.png

Iron Ingot(3x)


None Damage: 3 - 3

Attack Speed: 1

1 Lbs.
A mining pick made of iron. Can pierce some armored creatures.
Iron Pick.png

Bronze Ingot(3x)



None Damage: 4 - 4

Attack Speed: 1

1 Lbs.
A pickaxe enabling you to dig through more resilient materials. Can pierce some armored creatures.
Bronze Pick.png

Silver Ingot(6x)


None Damage: 5 - 5

Attack Speed: 1.25

1 Lbs.
Effective against vampire blocks and were wold tiles. Can pierce some armored creatures.
Silver Pick.png

Steel Ingot(6x)


None Damage: 6 - 6

Attack Speed: 1.5

1 Lbs.
Usher yourself into the next generation of digging tools with this fast pick. Can pierce some armored creatures.
Steel Pick.png

Bornite Ingot(6x)

Refined Rose Quartz(1x)

Rough Ruby(1x)

Rough Topaz(1x)

Rough Sapphire(1x)

None Damage: 9 - 9

Attack Speed: 1

1 Lbs.
Dig fabulous things with this super pick. can pierce some armored creatures.
Jewel Pick.png