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Patchwork Armor

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Brief description of armor[edit | edit source]

Patchwork armor being the lowest tier of the Organic based armors. It has a total of 12% Damage Reduction and a total of 19 Encumbrance

List of craftable armor[edit | edit source]

Armor pieces Ingredients Tools Stats Weight In-game Description Image

Plant Fiber(2X)

None 2% Damage Reduction

2 Encumbrance

2 Lbs.
A pitiful helmet of sticks and twigs you have lashed to your head. Is this really better than nothing?
Patchwork Helmet.png

Plant Fiber(3x)

None 4% Damage Reduction

5 Encumbrance

5 Lbs.
A shameful construct of bug bits, plant fiber and wood. Nudity may be a reasonable alternative.
Patchwork Torso.png

Plant Fiber(3x)

None 2% Damage Reduction

3 Encumbrance

3 Lbs.
Slight feeling of apprehension and disgust waft through your mind every time you don these arm-guards.
Patchwork Arms.png

Plant Fiber(4x)

None 4% Damage Reduction

9 Encumbrance

9 Lbs.
Glorious leggings composed of the filth you managed to scrape together. You should be ashamed of yourself.
Patchwork Leggings.png
n/a None n/a Damage Reduction

n/a Encumbrance

Patchwork Boots.png