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Name Ingredients Tools In-game Description Image
Launcher Parts

Steel Ingot(3x)

Steel Rivets(6x)

Material Printer
No description available
Steel Machine Parts
Steel Ingot(3x)
Material Printer
Steel cogs and sprockets and whatnot. Its all very technical and you probably wouldn't understand it, but lets just say that the things are used in the construction of machines.
Steel Gun Parts
Steel Ingot(3x)
Material Printer
Various steel parts used in the construction of guns.
Tin Rivets
Tin Ingot(1x)
A small tin fastener.
Steel Rivets
Steel Ingot(1x)
A small steel fastener.
Iron Ball Bearing
Iron Ingot(1x)
A round metal ball, used in the construction of various gadgets and gizmos.
Copper Wire
Copper Ingot(1x)
Heat Source
A thin conductive wire.
Iron Buckle
Iron Ingot(1x)
An iron fastener.
Copper Buckle
Copper Ingot(1x)
A copper fastener.
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