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MEG Tool[edit | edit source]

The MEG Tool, is the players main tool in the game.

Name Function
Dig Laser The latest and greatest from the U.S.S Hephaestus research wing.

This modular tool allows the user to cut providing your MEG Tool has a good enough lens. Upgradable with rubies.

Grab Laser Allows the user to suck stuff up like a vacuum cleaner.

Can also use middle mouse button to suck up items while using other weapons and stuff.

Agis Emitter Allows remote access to the artificial general intelligence systems of the USS Hephaestus.

In the event that the user loses communication with the Hephaestus, the portable holo-emitter's backup AU routines can be used, But he is very stupid, So you might be better off just throwing it away if you get stranded.

Wrist Light For all those times when you're pretty sure that there isn't a monster under your bed but you just want to make sure, ya know?

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Meg Tool.png

The MEG Tool can be equipped with a variety of items based on each function. Batteries are used to increased the energy of the MEG Tool. Such items as Medium Lead-Acid Battery increase the energy, allows use of the Dig Laser and FlashLight. The Lens allows the player to dig through stronger objects with the Dig Laser.