Iron Ingot

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Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot.png
Iron Ore
Basic Smelter

Materials : Iron Ingot[edit | edit source]

This ingot from Iron Ore via the Basic Smelter.

Recipes :[edit | edit source]

Iron ingots are used in many weaponry recipes as well as few other items.

Format is item name followed by quantity:

  • Weapons
  1. Iron Sword (x4)
  2. Ghost Blade (x4)
  3. Iron Axe (x3)
  4. Iron Spear (x2)
  5. Flare Gun (x2)
  6. Phyton (x4)
  7. 9mm Pistol (x1)
  8. Clobb (x4)
  9. Spitter Pistol (x1)
  10. Laser Pistol (x3)
  11. Sulfur Gas Gun (x4)
  12. Iron Bow (x4)
  13. Iron Crossbow (x4)
  • Ammo
  1. Iron Railgun Slugs (x1)
  2. Iron Arrow (x1)
  3. Iron Bolt (x1)
  • Armor
  1. Iron Helmet (x2)
  2. Iron Torso (x5)
  3. Iron Arms (x3)
  4. Iron Gloves (x1)
  5. Iron Leggings (x4)
  6. Iron Boots (x2)
  • Crafting Equipment
  1. Material Grinder (x12)
  2. Basic Work Table (x2)
  3. Iron Anvil (x16)
  4. *Smelting Furnace (x20)
  • Other
  1. Iron Shield (x5)
  2. Explosive Grenade (x1)
  3. Hoe (x1)
  4. Portable Iron Grill (x6)
  5. Salvage Kit (x1)
  6. Tree Tap (x3)
  7. Iron Pick (x3)
  8. Iron Platform (x1)
  9. GPS Tracker (x1)
  10. Standard Lens (x2)
  11. **Precise Lens (x2)
  12. Iron Ball Bearing (x1)
  13. Iron Buckle (x1)
  14. Iron Panel (x1)
  15. Iron Roof (x1)
  16. Iron Insulation (x1)
  17. Iron Stairs (x1)
  18. Iron Floor (x1)
  19. Iron Block (x1)
  20. Iron Wall (x1)
  21. Iron Celling (x1)


* Since Smelting Furnace need also 10 Steel Ingot, where the iron needed would otherwise be Iron Ingot, cost increase by 10.

** Precise Lens need 2 Steel Ingot, Iron cost increase by 2.

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