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List of Foods[edit | edit source]

A list of all foods currently implemented in SOL

List of Raw Foods[edit | edit source]

Name Gathered In-game Description Image
Raw Crawler Meat
Collected from killing a Crawler.
A glob of muscle sinew and organ meat from one of those spiky bastards.
Raw Crawler Meat.png
Raw Poultry
Collected from killing a chicken.
Raw meat from some kind of fowl creature.
Raw Poultry.png
Raw Human Meat
Collected from killing a human.
Raw red meat. You should probably cook it on a heat source. Or.. Maybe just leave it where you found it...
Raw Red Meat
Collected from killing a sheep.
Raw red meat. you should probably cook it on a heat source.
Raw Red Meat.png
Raw Bacon
Collected from killing a hog.
Raw bits of bacon. Find a heat source and you can cook it.
Raw Bacon.png

List of Cooked Foods[edit | edit source]

Name Ingredients Requirements In-game Description Image
Cooked Crawler Meat
Raw Crawler Meat(1x)
Heat Source
I'm not going to pretend like it tastes good, but it's probably not going to harm you.
Cooked Crawler Meat.png
Cooked Poultry
Raw Poultry(1x)
Heat Source
Tastes like chicken.
Cooked Poultry.png
Cooked Human Meat
Raw Human Meat(1x)
Heat Source
Probably delicious...
Cooked Red Meat
Raw Red Meat(1x)
Heat Source
Delicious cooked red meat.
Cooked Red Meat.png
Cooked Bacon
Raw Bacon(1x)
Heat Source
Strips of pig that are delicious to some people. This strip happens to be cooked.
Cooked Bacon.png