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Weapons:Bows[edit | edit source]

Name Materials Tools Power Reload Speed Spread Max Projectiles Comments Weight Image
Copper Crossbow

Copper Ingot (x4) Plant Fiber (x2) Hide (x1)

none 100 100 2 2 A shiny copper crossbow. Notch up to three bolts by right clicking. 0 Lbs CopperCrossbow.png
Iron Crossbow
Iron Ingot (x4)
Linen Bolt (x1)
Hide (x1)
none 120 139 2 3 You designed this crossbow with a second rail for up to two bolts. 0 Lbs IronCrossbow.png
Bronze Crossbow
Bronze Ingot (x4)
Linen Bolt (x1)
Hide (x1)
none 110 120 2 4 A sturdy bronze crossbow allowing you to notch up to four bolts. 0 Lbs BronzeCrossbow.png
Silver Crossbow
Silver Ingot (x4)
Linen Bolt (x1)
Hide (x1)
none 129 160 2 5 A sleek silver crossbow, notches up to five bolts. 0 Lbs SilverCrossbow.png
Steel Crossbow
Steel Ingot (x8)
Linen Bolt (x1)
none 139 179 2 6 An expertly crafted immensely sturdy steel crossbow, allowing you to notch a whopping six bolts. 0 Lbs SteelCrossbow.png