Crafting Equipment

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Name Ingredients Tools In-game Description Image
Material Grinder

Rubber (8x)

Iron Ingot (12x)

Glass (4x)

None A device to crush up raw materials in order to extract trace metals. Can grind basalt, granite, slate and marble.
Material Grinder.png
Work Table

Wood Board (16x)

Iron Ingot (2x)

None A wooden work table. Items and tools placed on this table can be used when crafting nearby.
Work Table.png
Iron Anvil

Iron Ingot (16x)

None A great big hunk of iron, with a great big flat bit on the top that you're apparently supposed to whack things on. I'll be honest, I'm not totally sure how these things work.
Iron Anvil.png
Smelting Furnace

Iron Ingot (20x)

Lead Ingot (10x)

None A competently constructed smelting furnace, designed to smelt various ores and other materials twice as quickly as a basic smelter. It supports adding additives for certain recipes. Must be placed in-world to use.
Smelting Furnace.png
Basic Smelter

Basalt (10x)

Mud Brick (20x)

None A simple brick smelting oven, used for smelting ores, turning sand into glass, that sort of thing. Must be placed in-world to use.
Basic Smelter.png