Buff Mechington

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Buff Mechington
Buff Me Chington.png

Creatures : Buff Mechington[edit | edit source]

A giant robotic chicken. You can quickly kill it by firing 2 COB mag´s and one 9mm Pistol mag at it´s head. Chicken will follow the player if attacked, with the MEG Tool AI proceeding to tell you to run.

Shoots a destructive laser that destroys tiles.
Shoots a laser in rapid succession but slow speed.
Does a peck attack if in melee range.
Player can get stuck between the tail and body if attempting to jump over the chicken.
The chicken takes significantly less damage from the front then it does the back.
The chicken can, and will currently get stuck in blocks if it runs into a hole in the ground.
The chicken is also unaffected by low level weapons. You'll need at minimum copper weapons to do damage. Hitting the chicken with a copper crossbow and bolts may cause it to do nothing.