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Brief description of Page[edit | edit source]

A list of all Back Equipment currently implemented in SOL.

List of craftable armor pieces[edit | edit source]

Name Ingredients Tools Stats Weight In-game Description Image
Crawler Spine Brace

Crawler Spine(16x)

Leather Strap(2x)

Copper Buckle(1x)


1 Encumbrance

1 Lbs.
A crude but effective piece of defensive armor. this will reflect 5 damage back at any attacker.
Crawler Spine Brace.png

Laminous Wing(2x)



1 Encumbrance

1 Lbs.
The skin of the strange creature from which this item was crafted generates enough drag and lift to allow for a nice glide.
Steel Jump Jet

Jumpjet Core(1x)

Large Lead-Acid Battery(1x)

Steel Ingot(1x)

Steel Rivet(6x)

Material Printer

1 Encumbrance

1 Lbs.
Jumpjet Steel.png