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Weapons:Axes[edit | edit source]

Name Ingredients Tools Stats Weight Description Image
Basalt Axe
Basalt (x3)
Stick (x2)
Plant Fiber (x2)

Damage: 4-4
Attack Speed: 1

1 Lbs. "A rock hastily tied to a stick."
Basalt Axe.png
Copper Axe
Copper Ingot (x3)
Stick (x2)

Damage: 6-6
Attack Speed: 1

1 Lbs. "A crappy axe made of crap metal."
Copper Axe.png
Iron Axe
Iron Ingot (x3)
Stick (x2)

Damage: 8-8
Attack Speed: 1

1 Lbs. "A heavy axe made of wroght Iron. Chops down your foes with ease."
Iron Axe.png
Bronze Axe
Bronze Ingot (x6)

Damage: 10-10
Attack Speed: 1

1 Lbs. "A sturdy axe made of bronze."
Bronze Axe.png
Silver Axe
Silver Ingot (x6)

Iron Anvil

Damage: 12-12
Attack Speed: 1.25

1 Lbs. "Split demon skulls with this hook-shaped axe."
Silver Axe.png
Steel Axe
Steel Ingot (x6)

Iron Anvil

Damage: 14-14
Attack Speed: 1.5

1 Lbs. "A circular axe made of stainless steel allowing you to attack rather quickly."
Steel Axe.png